Community Endorsements

 “Bishop Reggie Hall and the members of St. Paul Baptist Church are proud to endorse one of our own: retired Bridgewater Police Sergeant Art Akins for the next Somerset County Sheriff. Art’s commitment and dedication to our communities are unmatched.”

– Bishop Reggie Hall, St Paul Baptist Church, Somerville NJ



 “Please let this letter serve as my full endorsement for your run to become Sheriff of Somerset County.  I am a senior citizen residing in Somerset County who also happens to be a registered Republican.  I consider myself fair and open-minded and have on occasion voted across party lines when I felt that a candidate’s vision more closely aligned with mine.  After having met you, I followed up by viewing your biography, and I realized that you were a candidate that I could support.”…More [link to complete letter]

Dorothy R. Brittain, Franklin Township resident



 “I am pleased to write this letter of support for Arthur Akins for his candidacy as Somerset County Sheriff…His experience, character, work-ethic, and judgment will be of great benefit to all residents of Somerset County.” …More [link to complete letter]

Mark Morrell, Bridgewater-Raritan High School Principal



 “First and foremost, leaders of today must never lose touch with the people they serve. Political affiliations aside; the role of leaders must be to put service above self and accurately represent their constituents.  I take comfort knowing that you personify that characteristic.  For as long as I’ve known you, you have always done just that.  Your ability to relate and communicate with people is a trait that will serve you well in the endeavor.”… More [link to the complete letter]

Mike Godown, Bridgewater-Raritan High School Vice-Principal



 “I am pleased to endorse Art Akins for Somerset County Sheriff. I have known Art since we were classmates in Somerville Public Schools (and Boy Scouts in Somerville’s Troop 84). Art has dedicated his life to public service – as a United States Marine, in his career in local law enforcement, and as a volunteer fireman, coach and youth mentor. Art Akins has the right experience, character and values to lead the Sheriff’s office on behalf of the people of Somerset County, the community where he has lived and served proudly for 50 years.

– Anthony Ewing, Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School, Somerville High School, Class of 1986