My Vision

My vision for the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office is to take my core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and lead this office in a direction that enhances and reestablishes trust between our community and law enforcement as a whole with active engagement. The Sheriff’s Office will evolve to reflect the ever-changing demographics of Somerset County.

Community-Law Enforcement Partnership: I will work with the municipal chiefs to develop a plan for additional security in and around our schools. This means more officers plus teacher and staff training when encountering an active shooter or other life-threatening emergency.

Youth Mentorship: I am fortunate for the opportunity to meet and work with so many youths in our community. I will partner with organizations and the public to enlist volunteers for new youth programs and enhance the current Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program.

Business Outreach Program: As sheriff, I along with my firearms unit, will meet businesses in the county to address any and all safety and security concerns along with helping them institute or improve their active-shooter plan. 

What does our Sheriff do?

As I began my campaign to become the next sheriff of Somerset County, I have been asked on several occasions, “What does our sheriff do?”


  • The office is not a department of County Government
  • It is an independent office
  • Exercises the powers of public trust
  • Accountable directly to the Constitution, statues, and citizens of the county

The responsibility of the sheriff is to oversee and lead the three divisions of the office. Those divisions are as follows:

The Administration Division

The Law Enforcement Division

The Corrections Division

The information above was provided by the official Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Website where further descriptions can be located  

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