Vision and Pathways

May 31, 2018


Dear Sgt Akins and Ofc Barnett,

On behalf of the Journey to Manhood program and Visions and Pathways, I’d Like like to express my sincere appreciation to you for the taking time from your schedules to spend time with our boys.

Based on the amount of time you locked the boys’ attention, the discussion you led was the best Journey to Manhood session I’ve experienced. And there is no doubt in my mind the sharing of your personal experiences including the advice Sgt Akins gives to his own boys, brought true legitimacy to the words spoken. I also have no doubt you planted seeds in those boys that will make a difference in their lives. Even if they are never pulled over, the perspective you presented changed their perspective.

Again, I cant thank you enough. Journey to Manhood is to provide the boys with the knowledge they need to see, generate, and take advantage of the positive opportunities life has to offer. The wisdom you shared increases the chances the opportunities they face are indeed positive ones.



David Dvorin
Journey to Men Mentor
Visions and Pathways Board Member

Paid for by friends to elect Art Akins

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